Built For the Grind (EXCLUSIVE LINE) Women's Cropped Hoodie

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Built For the Grind, No 9-5 (EXCLUSIVE LINE) Women's Cropped Hoodie

Exclusive Line: Built For the Grind, No 9-5

Our Exclusive Line requires all individuals wearing the "Built For the Grind, No 9-5" line to have a personal success story or message they can share to encourage and inspire others. Your grind is respected. People need to know you, your story, your business, and what it takes to build. 

 Requirements to purchase our Exclusive Line:

  1. Must share a time when you had to grind to build your business, dream, etc.. 
  2. Must send 30-45 sec. video to @CoachCortneyRose via IG direct message
  3. Must post the video on your IG story or page
  4. Must tag @CoachCortneyRose in post 
  5. Must use #No9-5 #Builtforthegrind #CoachCortneyRose #Relentless hashtags
  6. DM @CoachCortneyRose on IG stating you've completed Exclusive Line Requirements

Once you've posted, our team will review and approve the Exclusive Line order. 

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